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Who we are

"The Academic Senate of the University of California is generally regarded as the most powerful such institution in the country. It is true that on some questions it may be consulted only as a matter of form or not at all, but on other matters, its expressed view may condition, if not control, the answer; and still on others, the Senate is the sole judge under delegated authority. The fact that so many of its activities fall into the latter two categories makes it apparently unique among faculty organizations."

Lynn W. Ely
AUP Bulletin 1964

What we do

The Senate's chief responsibilities are to:

  • Authorize, approve, and supervise all courses (except those of certain graduate professional schools).
  • Determine the conditions of admissions, certificates and degrees.
  • Recommend the hiring and promotion of faculty members.
  • Approve the publication of manuscripts by the University of California Press.
  • Advise on the administration of the UC libraries.
  • Assist in the searches for deans, chancellors, and presidents.
  • Advise the University President and the Chancellors on budget and administrative matters under the rules of "Shared Governance."

What you need to know

Who to contact

For more information on the Academic Senate please visit:

For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact

  • Regarding the Committee on Charges and Committee on Academic Personnel:

    Cherysa Cortez
    Academic Senate
    Phone: (951) 827-6154

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